7 Simple Side Hustles For Moms

In the last few weeks, there have been hundreds of requests made for financial assistance. Many are single moms struggling to make ends meet. Somehow, the money wasn’t there to cover the bills and buy presents for Christmas. Some mothers may be sick, disabled or unemployed. This is a tragic situation for their children who had to endure a depressing Christmas – Click for source!

The Good Samaritans were there to assist these families. Many children will find gifts and clothes underneath the Christmas tree, and have a table filled with hot foods on Christmas Day because others were kind. Although it will be an unforgettable holiday for everyone, that single mother has to still deal with reality the rest of the 364 day of the year. She will have to figure out how she is going to get through the other 364 days. Next year, what will it bring? What should I do for a more fulfilling life, both for myself and my children?

Finding a job that pays extra is the answer. She can either get a second, third or fourth part-time gig. Or she can find ways to make some money using her existing skill. The following are 7 side hustles that can be used to earn extra money in order to meet short-term and long-term financial goals.

Baked Goods: Most moms know how to make brownies, cakes, and cookies. Profit from your baking skills by offering your products to your friends and family. Many people are unable to bake but would like you to help them out, particularly during the holiday season.

Help with Holidays You can help the hosts of holiday parties by offering your services. You can offer your services to set up parties, decorate, or clean them after the party. Your services can be advertised on Craigslist as well as in your local penny shopper paper or newspaper. You can book your service for any upcoming party at any time of the year.

Service – People can be busy. They often require a second pair of eyes and hands to assist them in meeting their needs. You may also order and pick-up drycleaning or pay bills in person. You can also provide valuable services by shopping for groceries, gift items, or tickets. Make sure everyone knows that this is a service you offer. Or, place an ad on the local paper. You can post flyers on the walls of local businesses, such as grocery stores and fitness centers.

Services: If you are passionate about pets, your services can be very valuable to others who may need help with pet care, dog walking and even managing waste. Because pets are part of a family, many people pay premiums to have them well-cared for. A dog’s health and happiness are dependent upon its ability to be walked. They don’t like to put their pets into a boarding house when owners are going on vacation. You may keep the pet with you or visit the owner. No one likes waste management but it must be done. It’s easy to earn money by offering pet waste disposal services.

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