Credit Suisse Gold Bars & Gold IRAs

Many Americans are now wondering how they can diversify the IRA in gold portfolio given the economic downturn. An excellent option that many people overlook is adding gold bullion as an IRA investment. This article will highlight some important facts that you should be aware of when looking into this.

Adding Gold to Your IRA Some people believe that the only permitted gold bullion is the 22 karat American Gold Eagle. Tax Payer Relief Act of 97 changed that to include bullion bars of gold. The benefit of gold bars is that they are less expensive than gold coins. These bars are more affordable to buy. A larger bar will also have a lower premium. If you are looking to add 10oz to your IRA with gold bullion, buying one 10oz Bar will cost you less than buying 10 1oz Bars.

There are several legal issues you need to keep in mind when purchasing gold bars.

For IRA gold bullion bar must have a minimum purity 99.50%. This is also known as 9950 finesse. Credit Suisse gold bar are perfectly suited for this purpose as they have 99.99% purity/ 9999 fineness (also called ‘Four 9’s’ in the industry).

NYMEX, America’s biggest bullion market, must approve the stamping of the bars. Valcambi is such an approved assayer. Valcambi is located in Switzerland. It is one the most famous and largest refineries in all of Europe. They have been producing Credit Suisse gold bars since over 40 years. Each bar bears their distinctive CHI Essayeur Fondeur.

So how do I add gold bullion to my IRA? Entrust, Goldstar and Entrust are two of the most respected companies in this sector. Find out more about them on the Internet. They can help to restructure or create your IRA.

Hopefully this article helped to clarify how you can add gold bullion in your IRA. Credit Suisse Gold bars are an excellent choice. Remember one thing. You can always directly invest in gold bullion. It is possible to invest directly in gold bullion without adding to your IRA.

Would you like to profit from the enormous increase in gold price?

Over the past 2 year, gold has increased 50%. More is on the way! This is a rare opportunity. With the right knowledge, you could be part of this.

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