Feminine Power: Truth or Fiction?

The concept of femininity and masculinity is something we have all experienced, whether in our day-to-day lives as women or men, or in terms of what society requires of us. Yes, it’s even more. Even though they feel familiar, these energies have been around for much longer than us. See this site.


Though we might perceive them as two different energies, they are really just the dual aspect of one. Despite the fact that they fight, both cannot exist apart. Within the last 100 to 150 years we have seen the return of feminine power. The power of women has grown and the history that left them in the past is no longer relevant. It is true that each woman’s feminine power is different, and yet it is also unique.

The feminine, whether biblical or Darwinist has always existed in human history. Eve was with Adam the same as a woman in the cave would pick up the man’s dirty skin of animal that he had dumped on the floor.

Some feminists claim that, since then, women have had to follow men in their footsteps. We haven’t. In many ancient texts it is said that we have experienced a constant swinging of masculine energy following a period where there was strong feminine.

In ancient Egypt, women had the right to vote, be in political office, have property, and most other modern rights. Ancient Egyptian society was, for the most part, a harmonious balance of the masculine with the feminine. When the masculine got too dominant however the Egyptian empire fell into conflict. It is possible to say that at this point, energies started shifting in favour of masculine.

Many of these ancient religious and social systems recognized the importance of female energy. They even worshipped it along with the masculine counterpart. For several centuries after, the female energy was suppressed. Constantine had to rewrite the Bible almost completely in order to eradicate it. Feminine Energy encompasses peace, home and other aspects. Laura Pearson claims that the feminine “is like fire”. It creates a cozy atmosphere and is often warm.

The light it creates and the heat that is produced.” Its core, feminine energy, is nurturing. Just by existing, we are nurturing to those around. Since it’s become almost embarrassing to love the feminine, there has been a lack of nurturing in the world. A lack of equilibrium has resulted in an increased number of wars, discord and unbalanced mayhem.

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