How Effective are Promotional Items?

Firstly, promotional products or in slang terms, schwag, can be considered any product that has been imprinted with a company logo, company name or company motto that is then given away at trade shows, at conferences, or merely as employee or company incentives/giveaways. Promoting and advertising their brand image and products through promotional gifts is an effective way for businesses to increase sales. Click promotional items to read more.

The purpose of promotional items is to make them useful and avoid the waste bin. A main objective of this advertising type is to have it last. These items will remain in the home and remind consumers of their company.

Is the new research? Promotional items work well to promote your brand/company to consumers and to bring traffic to websites or businesses! Promotional Products Association International, in a late 2009 two-part research, found out that:

In the past 2 years, 94% recall getting a promotional gift

– 89% recalling the actual company name printed on the item

76.2 % were able to remember a specific product and advertiser, as well as the message.

– 83% reported that they were happy to receive this type of product

48 % would like to hear more

Promotional products remind 38% that the advertiser is always in their minds.

Do you think there is really a lasting power to it? The PPAI report also revealed that the majority of consumers surveyed said they:

A minimum of 91 % had promotional items in their kitchen

A promotional item was present in 74% of the work areas.

A minimum of one promotional item is kept in the closet or storage area for their bedrooms.

According to the results of part one, consumers are “stuck on promotional items and like them.”

The second part asked the end buyer to evaluate different mainstream advertisement media outlets such as; television, print and online. The results:

Their top advertising choice is promotional merchandise

– 72% Of end users use promotional materials sometimes, frequently, or always (7/10)

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