How To Select And Take Care Of Kitchen Knives So They Last A Lifetime

Kitchen knives can be a valuable tool. It is something that both chefs and kitchen staff will always agree upon. The average household does not have just one knife, but several. Some chefs may have up to 15 knives. Consider the following factors before purchasing a blade: the style, the material, and the price. The choice of knife depends on who will be using it. It is up to them whether they choose a regular knife or a serrated knife. However, their main concern is all the same: how they should use the knife. You can get the best guide on global knife sharpening.

The quality determines a knives life. Knives of good quality can last up to 10 years. German-made Knives are generally made to perfection and can last much longer. Japanese handmade knives can be used for up to 25 Years. The best investment is to invest in durability and stability. Spending money on quality knives is more cost-effective than buying cheap knives. An investment that is worth making would be a kitchen knife capable of handling all important tasks. Practically, an 8-inch chef’s knife is the best choice. One chef’s is flexible enough for most of the knives’ functions. To peel and coring vegetables you need a flexible, paring-knife with a blade length of between 2.5 to 4 in. This serrated knife is also useful for food that’s soft, such as fruits and tomatoes.

Please read these guidelines on proper knife care:

Never wash knives in a dishwashing machine. Instead, clean them with soap and wipe to dry. Always wash your knives by hand after you use them.

Avoid storing knives next to other kitchen gadgets. To keep knives’ edges sharp, store them in either a wall-mounted magnet or a knifeblock. Don’t drop them.

They should not be used to crack or open ice cans.

Do not forget to test their sharpness. Either use a whetstone with mineral oil, a knifestone, a whetstone combined with steel, diamond steels or take them to an expert sharpener. They can correct the blades as well.

If you want to clean the blade of the sharpener, then wash it after sharpening.

If you want to make the knives shine, rub them with a cloth soaked in alcohol. You can also use lemon peel. Wash your knife before you use it.

Purchase knives directly. It is possible to check if a knife fits comfortably in the hand and has a strong blade. Balance should be felt on both the blade’s front and its back. Only you know your preferences.

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