Portuguese Water Dog Breed Profile

Description The Portuguese Water Dog (or Portuguese Water Dog) is a muscular dog that measures a size of about medium. This breed is sturdy with a heavy bone structure. The dog should measure between 20 and 22 inches high at the shoulder and weigh from 42 to 58 lbs. A bitch can be 17 to 21 inches high at the shoulders, and weights between 35 and 50 pounds. Portuguese Water Dogs are available in curly or waved coats. The waterproof fur is usually long. You can find it in a range of basic colors including white, black and brown. The Portuguese Water Dog has a lifespan of 10 to 14years. Cao de agua Portuguese and Portie are other names for the Portuguese Water dog. You can see Portuguese Water Dog Puppy Delivery for more information.

History The Portuguese Water Dog came from Portugal. This is where the local breeds were most likely bred to Poodles. Portuguese fisherman found the dog invaluable as it was very fond of swimming and diving. It helped to retrieve lost nets and guard the boat. Also, it relayed messages among boats when out at sea. In the past, it was thought that the lion cut on the Portuguese Dog would aid in navigation in the sea. The long hair protecting him against cold front and short hindquarters allowed for easy movement. Portuguese Dogs nearly disappeared when commercial fishing began. One Portuguese businessman, however, saved them from extinction.

Portuguese Water Dog is a good companion. This dog will act in a very friendly manner with your children. Water Dogs do not tend to attack other family members, since they aren’t hunting dogs. It’s easy to train. And it works as not only a friend for your family, but also as therapy dog.

Portuguese Water Dogs have been tested for two deadly genetic ailments, which are the juvenile heart disorder and nerve disease. These diseases were almost totally eliminated through testing the breeding stock. Also, hip dysplasia is possible. Dogs can develop progressive atrophy of the retina. All this being said, there is no doubt that the Portuguese Dog has a good health.

Grooming – The Portuguese Water Dog has a fairly long coat, which should be brushed once every 2 days. For the lion haircut, it is important to maintain the long hair on the dogs’ front. Many people prefer to cut their Portuguese Water Dog short, much like a young puppy, in order to make the dog easier for them. To help avoid infections, dry the ears if your dog has spent time in the water.

If the dog’s owner is willing to give him enough exercise, he can easily live in a small apartment. Since this breed is intended to be companion dogs, they do not need a kennel. They thrive best in an environment where there are people around. Playing with your Portuguese Dog while doing watersports will make it happy, because its base instincts came from waterwork. Swimming is their favorite activity and retrieving objects under water can be trained easily.

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