The Dollar is Falling Both gold and silver are rising

The “Industrial Age”, just as it was ending, was the birth of the “Information Age”. Now we are in the middle of this new age. Everything, or nearly everything, in society (worldwide and U.S.) are changing rapidly. Network marketing is often associated with MLM, Pyramid, work at home jobs, scams, warm marketing, parties, and other shady activities. One takes a chance and attempts to sell his/her products at one of the more then 5,000 companies. I have been involved in many of these companies, which I will not name. They wanted me to sell soaps. Network Marketing is a science. It must be learned over and over to become an expert. This will require lots of time and effort. 98% of those who begin drop out after a few months or weeks. You can get the best guide on gold IRA brokers.

Here’s a comical account of my experience in MLM. I believe I was first introduced to MLM through AMWAY (?) It was 1958, back when I was in school. Jim Backus, a movie actor, was the spokesperson. Many of you will recall him as Mr. Magoo. My father saw what I was doing and stopped me from continuing. It took me many years to get involved again. I think my first attempt with “Amerivox”, telephone card, was in 2001. I still own the entire stock. The company was bankrupt shortly after I started. There were many other failures! My lack of knowledge was the main reason for most of my failures. My lack of knowledge was the primary reason. Do you have this problem? I finally became interested in something that will grow and have the potential for a better future.

I know it because it is what I do! This is why I believe the way that I do. Our wonderful economic system began to show cracks and large crevices around two years ago (2008). It wasn’t an American thing, it was the start of a worldwide recession. Many people lost jobs, their “way to life”, and many more. Their IRAs and 401Ks lost value. Our dollar is now in a fight against all other “fiat” (paper) currencies.

Although I could easily say that optimism is the elixir to the weak, I am just like everyone else. Do I think I am weak? I am 72! I am 72 years old. Survival and well-being during these turbulent times will depend upon saving Gold and Silver and not putting a bunch of “fiat” money in an IRA or 401K. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I believe there will be a turnaround.

Thank you for reading. I pray that the Sun shines again.

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